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Nausea is one of the most common symptoms of many medical conditions which is characterized by an uneasy feeling in the stomach. Most common reasons for nausea are indigestion, pregnancy, loose motions, dehydration, hilly terrain or chemotherapy treatment for cancer.
Instead of having prescribed medicines, try these home remedies that will surely help you relieve your nausea instantly.

1. Ginger:
Ginger has been an ancient remedy for relieving nausea. It helps in the secretion of enzymes which neutralize the stomach acids and also relaxes the stomach muscles. Have some raw ginger or powdered ginger or as an ale or ginger tea.

2. Lemon:
The aroma of lemons is very refreshing and soothing which instantly fights nausea and makes you feel better. Sniff on a lemon based perfume or have some lemon juice squeezed in a cup of warm water to feel better. Consume lemon tea, lemonade or lemon popsicles to get rid of your nausea.

3. Crackers (Snack):
The dry crackers help absorb the stomach acids causing nausea. Have a cracker at night before you sleep to avoid morning nausea. The cracker should be dry and salty to work as the salt helps restore the sodium that may get depleted from the body due to vomiting or loose motions.

4. Banana:
Banana being a rich source of potassium is a great remedy for nausea. High amounts of potassium help maintain the electrolyte balance of your body in cases of dehydration due to loose motions or vomiting.

5. Nuts:
Proteins give more energy in a short time and hence protein-packed nuts like almonds, peanuts etc. are great to munch on when you feel nauseous.

6. Mint Leaves:
Mint leaves are very refreshing and soothe you instantly. Chew on some sprigs of fresh mint leaves or drink some mint tea. Add few mint leaves to any drink like lemonade and consume it to feel better.

Now the next time your stomach feels queasy, instead of popping a tablet, go to your kitchen and try these natural remedies to feel better. In case of severe dehydration, loose motions or vomiting, consult your physician immediately.

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