Lemon and Spinach

Nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of your body. Merely eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals is not enough. You need to pair the right foods and eat in a correct manner to make the most from these foods.
Here are 3 simple ways which can help you increase your nutrient absorption while eating healthy nutritious foods.

1. Pair your foods right –
Pairing foods wisely can increase your body’s nutrient absorption. Protein is the most essential nutrient required for body growth and repair. Here are some popular food combinations that can help improve your body’s nutrient absorption.
Iron & Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps break down the non-heme iron present in plant-based foods into an absorbable form which can be used by the cells. Squeeze a lemon to your spinach salad or drink a glass of orange juice after eating an iron-rich meal.
Calcium & Vitamin D – Calcium is necessary for strong and healthy bones. For proper absorption of calcium from your diet, your body requires vitamin D. Include a variety of calcium-rich foods like dairy, tofu etc. with vitamin D fortified milk, cereals etc.

2. Chew your food –
If you tend to finish everything on your plate within 5 minutes, there is a high chance that you are not chewing your food properly. Improper chewing of food leads to lower absorption of nutrients. Chewing activates the enzymes present in your mouth and helps in smoother digestion. Chew your food slowly and properly to ensure proper absorption of all nutrients from the food.

3. Mindful eating –
What you eat definitely decides the amount of nutrients going inside your body, but how you eat also affects your digestion. When you eat under stress, the brain releases stress hormones called cortisol which makes your heart beat faster. This forces the body to deal with the stress as a result of which your digestion slows down. This eventually causes lowered nutrient absorption. Stress also slows down the gastric emptying and intestinal transit time thereby affecting digestion, absorption, and metabolism of the nutrients present in food. Relish every bite and eat your food as it helps chew your food properly and break down the food for easy assimilation and absorption.