Post Partum Diet

Giving birth to a healthy baby is one of the best experiences for every woman. After childbirth, you need to not only focus on your growing baby but also take special care of your health. A healthy and nutrient-rich diet can empower new mothers to recover from their deliveries and get back on the healthy track.
Here are some important foods that must be included in your post-partum diet.

1. Low-fat milk products –
Calcium and protein intake need to be increased as they are necessary for bone growth and development. Milk products like paneer, cheese, yogurt are rich in calcium which help support the increased demand post-delivery. Include these foods in your daily diet to recover and rejuvenate quickly.

2. Fruits –
Fruits like blueberries, oranges etc. should be consumed daily during the post pregnancy stage. Fruits carry the right amount of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants which are required to boost your immunity and bodily functions. The intense concentration of vitamin C in oranges helps build your baby’s immunity as well.

3. Salmon and lean meats –
Lean meats and salmon are rich in proteins, Omega 3 and DHA which help in the healthy development of the infant’s nervous system. They also provide the energy that a new mother needs to nurse her child. DHA helps lift the human mood and keeps post-partum depression at bay.

4. Brown rice –
Carbohydrate-rich foods like brown rice, whole wheat bread are required to improve the energy levels of the new mother. Rich in iron and fiber, these foods ensure healthy breast milk production without draining the energy of the mother.

5. Hydration –
Staying hydrated is a must during breastfeeding. Nursing your child can leave you drained and tired due to the extensive water loss. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of liquids like water, coconut water, and fruit juices.