Including mushrooms in your daily diet, can help fight ageing, as per a recent study. The study was conducted at Pennsylvania State University where it has been found that mushrooms are the highest known single source of antioxidants which are associated with anti-ageing properties.
The study stated that mushrooms contain the antioxidants ergothioneine and glutathione in abundance. While some foods lose their health benefits on being cooked, mushrooms contain antioxidants which appear to be heat-stable and go unaffected by the heat.
According to the free radical theory, when the food you eat is oxidized, it produces energy along with many free radicals as a side product of which many are toxic. While your body has mechanisms to control most of them, including ergothioneine and glutathione, most of these free radicals add up to cause damage and are associated with many diseases like cancer, coronary heart disease and Alzheimer’s.
Although the research findings are in their preliminary stage, it has been observed that the countries having more ergothioneine in their diets like France, Italy etc, have lower incidences of neurodegenerative diseases.