Grey Hair

Grey hair with loose skin is the most common sign of ageing. This does not hold true for many individuals who suffer from premature greying of hair. Greying is usually due to lack of melanin production by the cells. In the present times, stress, irregular dietary habits and a polluted environment are the main causes of premature greying.
Follow these natural ways to prevent early greying of hair.

1. Onion and lemon –
Absence of antioxidants like catalase and accumulation of hydrogen peroxide at the hair roots causes greying of hair. Lemon and onions are full of vitamins and minerals which help nourish the hair and make them healthy. Apply onion and lemon juice alternately on your scalp to prevent dandruff, hair fall and greying.

2. Amla –
Amla is known to be used in treating various hair conditions. The high Vitamin C levels help prevent premature greying. Apply a hair mask of raw amla and fenugreek seeds to your scalp. This helps prevent breakage of hair and hair greying.

3. Curry leaves in coconut oil –
Curry leaves are rich in Vitamin B which helps reverse the process of greying and restores the natural hair colour. Coconut oil provides nourishment and prevents dryness. Boil some curry leaves in coconut oil till they are charred and mix it. Strain the oil and cool. Massage into your scalp for a soothing effect.

4. Tea and Coffee –
Due to the presence of caffeine, both tea and coffee add a natural dark brown colour to your hair. Tea also has antioxidants which nourish your hair and prevent greying of hair. Boil the coffee or tea leaves in plain water with a pinch of salt and strain it. Use this strained water to rinse your hair.

5. Shikakai –
Shikakai being a rich source of Vitamin C helps prevent greying of hair. It adds strength and prevents breakage of your hair. Soak shikakai powder in an iron vessel overnight and boil it in water the next day. Use this water to rinse your hair.