With the start of winter, various skin problems also emerge like dry cracked lips and skin. Besides drinking plenty of water, follow these tips to get moisturized supple lips this winter.

1. Do not lick your lips:
It is very common to lick your lips when they feel dry. Do not do this as your saliva dries out your lips and cracks it even more.

2. Apply coconut oil:
Use coconut oil on your lips for a deep hydrating effect. Coconut oil is a great nourishing moisturizer and helps soothe cracked lips.

3. Make your own scrub:
Exfoliation is a must to have crack free lips. Mix some brown sugar and honey and gently scrub your lips until the sugar crystals begin to melt. Wash off after 2 minutes.

4. Keep a lip balm handy:
Whenever your lips feel dry, apply some lip balm immediately. Do not pick, bite or lick your lips. Soothe chapped lips with a natural or chemical-free lip balm.

5. Eat right:
Include plenty of fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins help retain the moisture in your lips, repair damaged and dead tissues on your lips and provide nutrition and protection to your lips. Drink lots of water and have a healthy nutritious diet for soft lips.