Art Therapy

Art therapy has its own rules and separate field. But you can use the benefits of art to express your creative side and reduce stress with the help of your drawing skills and getting in touch with your feelings. Making random doodles, sculpting something, drawing or painting are great stress relief tools even for those who don’t consider themselves an artist.
A great way to use drawing and painting for de-stressing is to have your own sketch diary. Maintain a sketchbook to journal your daily art creations. This can prove to be cathartic, creative and helps relieve stress easily. You can maintain your art journal for stress management in the following ways –
1. Sketch pictures that relate to your feelings and emotions that are brought on by the stress you undergo daily.
2. Draw abstract pictures that help express feelings linked to your past painful and stressful experiences to heal faster and better. This form of journaling can be helpful to those who are not comfortable in putting their emotions into words.
3. Maintain a ‘Dream Sketch Diary’ which includes sketch scenes from your dreams that you would like to remember for better understanding. You could also keep a ‘Gratitude Sketch Diary’ which includes drawings of all the grateful things in your life.
4. Keep a sketch diary of what you think is beautiful in your life. Draw faces of the ones you love, places and things that bring about peace and happiness within you. Revisit your creations in the future to bring about some peace and happiness related to those pictures.
5. Get yourself an adult colouring book and start colouring to relax and get some peace. Forget about being artistic, enjoy the creation of easy, beautiful and stress-free images.