Sound Therapy

Sound healing therapy is very helpful to manage stress and depression. Sound healing therapy involves the use of music to improve a person’s emotional, physical and mental health and well-being.
Sound healing therapy involves listening to music, to sing along and to dance to the rhythm and the beats of the music. It also includes meditation while listening to music and playing a musical instrument.

Types of sound therapy –

1. Vibroacoustic Therapy –
Body’s functions like blood pressure and breathing can be influenced in a positive manner with the help of vibrations. The vibroacoustic therapy makes use of audible sound vibrations which help in improving your health and reduce stress to a great extent. This type of therapy involves the use of speakers that are embedded into the recliners or mattresses in order to transmit music and sound vibrations directly into one’s body.

2. Guided Meditation –
This is a type of sound healing which involves meditation through guided voice instructions. These instructions are passed through in a live session or by using a video or an app. Meditation can include chanting or repetition of prayers or musical sounds.

3. Singing Bowl Therapy –
The singing bowl therapy uses metal bowls to produce a deep penetrating sound that helps in relaxation and keeps your mind at peace.

Health Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy –
Sound healing therapy has found to be quite effective in improving the health of individuals which include –

1. Stress reduction
2. Reduces anxiety and depression
3. Lowers blood pressure levels
4. Lowers cholesterol levels
5. Improves relaxation and keeps you calm

Start listening to your favourite kind of music daily and learn to relax and stay cool.