Pregnancy Stretch Marks 1

Pregnancy brings a lot of happiness into your life along with a few added troubles as well. Every mother wants to repress her post-partum blues and get on with her new life with the little one. While exercise is a must to lose the flab and reduce your stretch marks, you can also try the following safe and tested home remedies.
The sudden weight gain and weight loss cause your skin to stretch leaving bad scars and marks. It may occur on your abdomen, thighs, hips, lower back, and buttocks. While these marks reduce with time, some scars stay throughout your life. Some women are lucky and blessed whose scars disappear entirely with time.
Start applying the following home remedies from your 5th month of pregnancy to make sure you can get rid of your stretch marks as much as possible.

1. Aloe Vera –
Aloe vera is known to accelerate scar healing, lighten stretch marks and soothe burns. Apply the aloe vera gel on your skin or drink the juice in its pure form to gain all the benefits. The 12 essential vital nutrients and vitamins in aloe make it a healthy remedy.

2. Sugar –
Mix some fine granulated sugar with few drops of lemon and almond oil. Apply this paste on your skin and gently massage it for 5 minutes. This acts as a great exfoliating agent which helps remove dead skin and revives your skin. It also helps tighten your skin and hastens scar healing.

3. Lemon Juice –
Lemon juice helps in tan removal and has bleaching properties. Apply lemon juice on your affected areas 3-4 times a week to see the marked difference.

4. Castor Oil –
Castor oil is known to have health benefits for skin and hair. Apply warm castor oil on your abdomen every night. Massage in a circular motion to increase the blood circulation which helps reduce stretch marks. The anti-ageing properties and the vitamin E in castor oil are great for the skin.

5. Eggs –
Eggs are a powerhouse of proteins which helps in growth and cell repair. Apply egg white on your marks and let it dry. Wash off after 10-15 minutes. Regular usage will show fabulous results.